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Tattoo Studios East Sussex

Welcome to Mi Tattoo Studios, a professional tattoo studio in East Sussex. At Mi Tattoo Studios, we specialist in creating premium quality and bespoke tattoos. Our tattoo artists in East Sussex are from various creative backgrounds which will help them create designs to suit your personality and style. Our aim is to offer our clients a genuine service as we do believe in customer satisfaction. Our services are also provided across East Sussex.

From getting a new tattoo to covering up an existing one, our artists can help you out bringing your design to life or helping you to create your own design based on your ideas and thoughts. Here you can also get body piercing services that are carried out by our in house body piercing artist.

The services we provide in East Sussex are below listed :

Body piercing
Water colour tattoos
Tribal tattoos
Tattoo Cover Ups

Tribal tattoos East Sussex

Tribal tattoos are very common among the young generations irrespective of men and women.

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Body Piercing East Sussex

At Mi Tattoo Studios, we will give you peace of mind as our piercing artists use the safest body piercing techniques available.

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Cover Up Tattoos East Sussex

Need to cover up an awkward tattoo? Our bespoke tattoo artists in East Sussex can cover up your old tattoos and can recreate an awesome tattoo.

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Re-inking East Sussex

Restoring an old tattoo is the most difficult aspect of tattooing, as it requires precision.

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Water Colour Tattoos East Sussex

Our tattoo studio in East Sussex offers neo-traditional and new school tattoos that are brilliant for creating exceptional designs in watercolour or even geometric styles.

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Our piercing specialists can perform nose, ear, lip,nipple and eyebrow piercings. Before we carry out any inking we let our clients preview the size and where the tattoo is going. We not only limit our services to tattooing or piercing but also give aftercare instructions to help your tattoos or piercings remain unaffected

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